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The MAC Internet Radio Recorder

Record  songs from your favourite Internet radio stations as individual MP3 files.

(4.6) (15 Apr 03)
95% CNET (8 Mar 03)

15 MAY 2003 - A brand new version for OSX 10.2 users is out - new name - RadioLover!"

Download site 1 (DMG file)
Download site 2 (INFO-MAC.ORG)

Improvements in 1.05
User Feedback
For Mac OSX 10.1.5 - 10.2.4
  • OSX 10.1.5 support fixed
  • Language support for English, French, German, Italian and Japanese

  • Record from multiple stations at the same time
  • Split radio stations by time or size
  • M3U support
  • New GUI

" StreamRipperX is genius...
It is, quite simply, the greatest thing ever in this lifetime ever...
The most current and most brilliant step in a very fast-moving technological evolution...
Free and small and elegant and effortless to use..."

Mark Morford (San Francisco Chronicle: Jan 8, 2003)
"...has me ripping 24hrs a day!  Good riddance Napster - hello StreamRipper..."
Pentium Bunny (VersionTacker: Sep 5, 2002)


"This is the mutz nuts!!!! ... soooo easy and intuitive one word to sum it up - AWESOME!!!"

jzaw (VersionTacker: Oct 24, 2002)
"This program is so ridiculously good, I still can't believe it's free!"
finfoom ( Oct 26, 2002)
"Out of control!!!!!!"
Richard D. James ( Oct 29, 2002)
User Guide
System Requirements
SRX is very easy to use.
    • a radio station from iTunes
    • a web link to a ".PLS" Playlist e.g. from
    • a ".PLS" Playlist file from Finder
  2. Click RECORD (the icon with "cogwheels")
  3. Use FINDER to look at your MP3 recordings.  By default, all records are saved in your standard MUSIC directory.

Apple Mac OS X 10.1.5 - 10.2.4

Hundreds of radio stations supported!
  • ITUNES radio stations
  • Shoutcast / Icecast compatible stations

Installation is fast and easy

Common Questions
1. Can I split every radio station into individual songs?
Almost.  Some radio stations don't send any track data - please contact them to ask them to do so!

2. I can record one big MP3, but SRX doesn't seem to be splitting the songs.
See above.  That's because some radio stations don't send any track data.  Or it could be that you're in the middle of listening to a very long DJ mix!

3. I can record, but I can't seem to listen via iTunes?
Are you behind a firewall?  SRX broadcasts the song via a "port" (think of a TV channel) on your computer.  iTunes needs to connect to this port (tune into this channel) - and your firewall may be blocking this port.  You can enable the port via OSX SystemPreferences.

4. I can't seem to connect to any radio stations
Can you listen to the radio stations via iTunes?  Try drag'n'dropping the station from iTunes again - especially if you have not done so in a while.  Radio stations often change their web address.

Are you behind a proxy?  SRX will automatically use your proxy settings in your System Preferences, under the heading "Web Proxy".  If problems persist, please provide details such as OS version, network setup, on the discussion forum.

5. When will there be support for REAL Audio and Windows Media ?
Potentially for REAL Audio - although that depends on demand.

Compiling (for DEVELOPERS)
GPL Licence

Source code available:
  • Source code, for ProjectBuilder.  Tested on OSX 10.2.4 with Dec 2002 devtools.
StreamRipperX is a native Cocoa application and is built on top of free software libraries - StreamRipper library and MAD (Mpeg Audio Decoder).

Visit the StreamRipper homepage for information about a Win32 WinAmp plug-in and UNIX command line tool.  If you fancy being a DJ and want to run your own radio station, check out Icecast or Shoutcast, or even the experimental Peercast.

Post your feedback on the discussion forum, or browse the developer project site.  This software is released under the GNU General Public Licence.

StreamRipperX is copyright (c) 2002-2003 Wai (Simon) Liu

Thanks to help from:
Jacek Stanislawski
Tsuyoshi Nakamula (Japanese language)
Kai Oli (German language)
Edoardo Causarano (Italian language)
Samuel Denonne (French language)
Pierre Mazoyer (French language)

Other News

MacPeople, a Japanese Mac magazine has reviewed StreamRipperX 1.02.  For those of you who can read Japanese, here is a scan. (MacPeople issue 10.15, 2002)


Screenshot of Japanese localisation and iTunes

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